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Make a Move!

March 15, 20231 min read

February 15, 2023

By Isabel Guzman, Realtor®

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There’s no doubt the last couple of years have been challenging, and the housing market has been no exception. If you are a potential seller or buyer currently feeling stuck and unsure,

here are some tips to help you overcome those worries and start implementing your dream by making the right move.

Hi, I'm Isabel Guzman, realtor and broker associate with EXP Realty. and I'm here to give my my best advice.

Don’t worry about finding the perfect time to sell or buy — it does not exist. We all wish we had a crystal ball to move us in the right direction. The ideal time to sell or buy,. however, will be when it works best in your life. It could be a job change or a growing family. More importantly, ask yourself if it will improve your life. Always know your financial situation and options. For example Today there are many creative ways to finance a purchase. There are rate buydowns, ARMs, down payment assistance programs and free refinancing. It is always best to know all your options. You are not as stuck as you may think. Supply and demand is much different than it was two years ago, giving buyers and sellers more opportunity.

Bottomline: the housing market is constantly changing, which is why it is essential to consider all your options and work with an experienced agent to help make your move. If you want more information on selling or buying, please feel free to connect

me so we can help you with your real estate needs.

I'm Isabel with the Colibri group, bringing you home.

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Isabel Guzman

Isabel Guzman, Broker Associate & Realtor® with eXp Realty, is the founder and owner of the Colibri Group.

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